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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The bald truth

One eye on the Aus-Somerset game, one eye on my boss -- for whom I have some work to complete -- and one eye on the papers... I know I know, that is one eye more than I should have :-)
Was browsing Sydney Morning Herald just now, and there's this piece that stood out on two counts -- one, the humorous twist in the headline; the other, this concluding paragraph:
Ponting will hope that a more circumspect London publication, The Daily Telegraph, was on the money. Above a headline declaring "Australia 79 all out" was the warning: "Readers are advised to enjoy this headline to the full as it is unlikely to be repeated this summer."

The other story from that paper that caught my eye relates to Shane Warne's attempts to grow some crops on his head, and the jibes he is facing as a result. Comes as a twist -- this is the first time in my memory that Warne is in the news ahead of the games for something other than the newest ball he has 'invented' to torment the Brits with. I used to think, in Ashes past, that this was the biggest cricketing con of all time -- he would talk of having spent months perfecting a mystery ball; the batsmen would eye everything he sent down with suspicion, and get out to a straight delivery on middle, more often than not.


  • Prem..The biggest walloping that the Aussies have received in a long time. Smith and Jayasuriya have done the English a great favor. 197 for 1 at 8.69 per over is mind boggling

    By Blogger Ravi, at 11:42  

  • prem nice to hear that you have third eye Lol....!

    "sivan marri ninnu pokum allayoo?!"

    i was Just kidding..but even in a tight schedule you are doing a gr8 job!

    By Anonymous Joe, at 11:43  

  • Prem,

    i thought india's new coach is a media friendly person..
    i read an article about he arrived in mumbai on the way to his banglore base office. the sad part is he refused to see the media..!

    what do you think??! he is start to irritate media people?

    By Anonymous Joe, at 11:52  

  • Joe Bhai, Ye prem se kya Premalap ho raha hai Malayalam meiN ? ;)

    Anyways On the issue of Greg Chappel, I think greg did the right thing, there was no occasion and he was just going to join his duties. He has already adderssed media more than once since his appointment. Give him a break and hope that the media doesn't stalk him.

    By Anonymous SP, at 14:11  

  • I would really really urge Greg to stay away from the media unless he wants to play some mind games. The best part about great people is that they let their work do the talking. Greg has never been media shy before but he will be more constrained in his approach now -- I hope

    By Blogger @mit, at 14:47  

  • Prem,
    When I saw the heading 'The Bald Truth', I thought you are going to answer the inquisitive minds who were wondering yesterday whether that man on the picture at NASDAQ was indeed you. I guess you chose that heading intentionally.

    Here's another example of misleading headline. I read on Hindustan Times headline 'Mumbai girl is Canadian Idol'. The fact is she has reached the top 32 positions. That doesn't make her an Idol....at least not yet.

    By Anonymous Jai, at 15:53  

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