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Monday, June 06, 2005

BL's rebirth

The big event of the weekend -- which of course I missed owing to travelling, watching Odissi arangetrams, listening to speeches and suchlike -- was Lara's fourth big innings in five Tests. Never mind his having gone past Bradman -- that's a stat I didn't put much store by when Tendulkar did it; nor is it particularly relevant that Lara now has; neither batsman got to that landmark in anything approaching the number of Tests the Don needed.
Actually, that's a thought worth chasing down: What, really, is a 'record'? If a batsman scores X centuries in Y Tests, should the record be considered broken if another batsman scores X+1 centuries? Or is it truly broken only if a batsman scores X+1 centuries in Y-1 Tests?
That aside, what's really startling about this phase of the Brian Lara story is his incredible, almost Bradman-esque consistency. To rack up 3246 runs at 70.57; to score 12 centuries and nine 50s in 27 Tests -- it's an incredible, and incredibly long, run of consistent success.
What makes it even more remarkable is the fact that Lara has bucked the trend, and scored these runs as part of a team that has consistently lost almost everything it has played during this period-- how easy can it have been to go out there, innings after innings, and perform in the company of mediocrity


  • Prem,

    I just don't get it...Sachin is somewhat on the wane and Lara has been, of late, consistently racking up these huge scores. Jeez, wasn't it supposed to be the other way round?

    I mean I have read so many experts say that Sachin is aging, one's reflexes are not what they used to be. Then, pray, can these experts offer an explanation as to why Lara (who is in his mid to late 30's) is belting the ball all over, match after match? What about his reflexes, his slowing down, his aging, aching muscles?

    Why do I bring this -- I think Sachin's slowing down is all in his mind -- he may not be enjoying the game, whereas Lara seems to have rediscovered having fun playing.



    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:35  

  • I think Sachin has evolved with time. The new Sachin is not something that the Indian fans are used to. He has become an accumulator of runs. Why this is so and whether this suits his phsyche is a different questions. May be its due to the injuries, which have taken a toll (remember that he has started playing 15 years ago). He has had a bad back, a terrible toe injury and now the tennis elbow. So, what has happened, the pull shot is not played as often as he would like. Also, sometimes I feel that Sachin thinks that his role in the team is now of an accumulator of runs rather than a fast scorer, so he is less aggressive. This leaves almost all Indian fans frustrated. Think about the last test at Sydney, when Sachin did not play a single cover drive outside off stump (specially to Brad Williams, who had got him out in the previous match at Melbourne) was not a sight which most Indian fans would have cherished. Hopefully, this will be taken care by Chappell.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:18  

  • Lara seems unstoppable at his current form. He might even surpass Sachin's 34 even before Sachin picks up his bat to practice.

    By Anonymous Ram, at 12:49  

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