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Monday, June 27, 2005

Can you use a laugh?

These days, I read ToI's takes on cricket when I am blue, and can use some cheering up. Never fails.
Must say, though, that I agree wholeheartedly with the headline here: Give Sachin a break.
Indeed. A break from aartis to his image morning noon and night; a break from near-hysterical pieces that seek to 'defend' him. I wonder if the defenders realize that the more aggressive they get at every imagined slight to the icon, the more it puts off those for whom cricket is a game, and Sachin merely one of the good players?
From the same paper, there's this take on the new rules about to be introduced in ODIs. 'Ganguly can replace Sachin', the headline happily proclaims -- as if the ICC spent sleepless nights trying to figure out how to bring about that happy state of affairs, and has finally succeeded. I appreciated, too, the breathless excitement of the writer who, like 'stout Cortez' sighting fresh horizons, can barely keep from jumping out of his skin:
All teams will now be virtually playing with 12 men Exclamation Mark

Elsewhere, Ajit Wadekar -- former captain, former coach, former manager -- tells Lokendra Pratap Sahi why he is not too hot on the new rules. Among the many gems, I found this:
“Besides whatever else is done, I’m sure the existing cricket software for laptops will have to be changed somewhat…”

And since I began this post with Sachin, let me end with him -- here, his take on the new rules, which will come into effect at the end of this month. In sum, he says no one really knows -- we'll have to play a couple of games before we get a grip on this.
Just a thought -- how about the selectors pick, as part of the upcoming camp(s), an India A side led by Ganguly and an India B side led by Viru Sehwag, and have the two sides play a best of three series under the new rules?
The players assembled for the camp can get a feel for match play; the coach can get a ringside view of how the various players perform in match situations; and the team and its leadership can get a handle on how the new rules work in practise, without waiting to figure it out in the middle of an international competition.


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