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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Case study

Of the Bourbon monarchs of France they used to say that they learnt nothing, and forgot nothing. The BCCI's monarchy-by-self-proclamation appears to have taken the Bourbon playbook to heart, if the latest news story is any indication.
Briefly, various Tamil Nadu league clubs filed cases agains the BCCI, relating to the conduct of its general elections, and related matters. Now the BCCI, in its upcoming working committee meeting this Tursday, intends to retaliate by suspending all assistance, financial or otherwise, to the TNCA, which has authority over the local clubs.
The Zamindari system, you notice, is alive and well within our cricket administration. You may not question the zamindar, you may not complain of him to the police, or the courts -- if you do, his goons will come and beat you up (or, in today's world, his goons will use the financial stick to beat you into submission).
Donno about you, but I reckon there is more than a touch of hubris to this act -- if the BCCI does in fact take such action, I'd hope to see some smart lawyer drag the body right back into court. Because such a punitive action amounts to nothing more nor less than an infringement of my constitutional right to seek legal redress.
Another flashpoint brewing, according to this story, around the Rajasthan Cricket Association. When Lalit Modi and his group won the RCA elections, uprooting the entrenched power base led by the Rungtas, it signalled perhaps the first real set back for the Dalmiya faction.
I suspect this working committee meeting coming up will merely be the dress rehearsal -- the real, really bloody war is due in September, when the BCCI next holds its general election. Till date, Rajasthan, UP, HP etc were firm Dalmiya backers; that hold has now been broken. TN will likely align with the Modi group, in the wake of the move by the BCCI to deny it financial assistance. Over the coming weeks, you should see more such realignments, all leading to that climactic moment.


  • Prem! the thing is there is nothing called proffesionalism in the BCCI and they want it to remain this way only...
    somehow I have a feeling that for them Cricket comes second to all other things...

    By Anonymous Abhay, at 10:16  

  • Professionalism comes from commitment, perseverence and a deep rooted fire to achieve excellence. To achieve all these, there has to be a self discipline or a regulatory process. 2005 Rajasthan Sports Act is one such regulatory legal structure created by the unflinching support and confidence of a single, unbending political will of Vasundhara Raje, CM Rajasthan and divine indulgence. This is a clear trend setter and must act as an eye opener for those who understand law and politics. People must be able to appreciate the distinction between Ravan ki sena and Ram ki sena.

    BCCI has not much choice left now but to change for the better. 2005 Rajasthan Sports Act given its full play will be able to take sports to grass root level, which is the vision of both, the Olympic Charter and the National Youth Policy. Indian sports cannot continue to exist the way it is. 2000 Olympics it was 'bronze for a billion' 2004 Olympics was 'silver for a billion and ten million'. The lines are clearly drawn with Arun Jaitley and Ravi Shanker Prasad with Jagmohan Dalmiya and Harish Salve and Rajeev Dhawan with Lalit Kumar Modi.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13:11  

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