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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Changing times -- the sequel

Another story worth your while is the one relating to the presence, in Bangalore, of a mental fitness expert working with junior players. For now, it is just a two-week program -- a small step, but a giant leap for the BCCI which is not known to buy easily into modern methods, more especially when it comes to the players in the junior ranks.
It's taken a long while for us to get here, to this point where Indian cricket moves out of its antediluvian mindset ('Laptop? What laptop? I have a lap' -- thus, our coach-who-almost-was, Jimmy Amarnath); but on this one, the BCCI deserves a round of unstinted applause.


  • Amarnath's immature statements speak poor of him.. Proves a point that great batsmen don't neccessarily have great minds..

    Good initiative by BCCI..mental fitness is as much important as physical fitness especially in the formative years..

    By Blogger Vivhyd, at 11:46  

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