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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Chappell scopes out tech

Thanks, Steve, for this link to a Deccan Herald story; says here, Chappell visited the office of Phoenix Global Software, in Bangalore, to check out a software program designed -- with considerable input from Javagal Srinath and Anil Kumble -- to evaluate cricketers and point to their strong and weak points.
The story says the software was developed a couple of years ago, which is not strictly accurate -- it was actually developed around 2000. At the time, Sri had proposed licensing it for use by Rediff; at his invite, I'd gone down to Bangalore for a demo.
It's pretty nifty: a team of cricket-savvy programmers work off the television feed, recording every game. While the feed itself is direct from TV, the associated software is a complex interface, with several parameters possible for every ball bowled and every stroke played.
Where it comes in handy is in the realm of video-analysis. The software parses the recorded games any way you like. Assume, for instance, you want to check out a batsman's weak areas -- you can question the software, and it will throw up all the deliveries the batsman played and missed, the ones he played at without being in full control, the ones he left alone... you name it. You can similarly check every aspect of a batsman's -- or bowler's -- performance.
At the time, Sri and Anil were making calls to broadcasters, asking for archival tapes of India games to feed into their database; the more games they could record the better the results they could generate, Sri explained.
I'm not sure how different this software is, from what Bob Woolmer used to use in South Africa. But I do recall Anil and Sri telling me at the time that they had demo-ed the software to the South African authorities, who were impressed enough to want to buy it.


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