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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Collateral benefits

This blog isn't full-fledged, not as yet, but already I'm damned glad I started it. Over the past ten days, it's led me to three long-lost friends whose contacts I had lost in a comp crash not long ago; it's made me a few new ones; it's put me in touch with people who want to write and need a platform to do it off...
Srinivas Nippani belongs in the third category; his piece on VVS Laxman's credentials to make the ICC World XI one day team to take on Australia in the Super Series later this year is now running on Rediff, and a couple of others have sent in stories that will appear shortly.
Way cool, all this. Having been a reporter myself, I am conscious of story-fatigue. You look around, nothing much is happening, you need this day your daily byline, so you flip through your rolodex, hit upon a likely name, ask him what he thinks of Greg Chappell, or Sachin Tendulkar, or Saurav Ganguly, and there you go, story done.
Makes for boring copy -- and maybe the answer is to have more readers do the writing? Fresh voices, fresh perspectives, different viewpoints... what say? Volunteers, if any, email me please -- just the basics, name, location, and what you'd want to write about?
Off for a bit, back in here in say two, three hours...


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