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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Cricket -- and other -- writing

My Mumbai trip -- Feb 13-April 10 -- was about work, at frenetic pace; the Indo-Pak series live ball-by-ball, plus a couple of projects for Rediff, meant there was precious little time to breathe, let alone enjoy my first visit to my adopted home city in two years-plus.
I did find time, though, to meet with two people I had corresponded with, sporadically, till then, and who I had read, avidly, all along -- Rahul Bhatia and Amit Varma, both of Cricinfo.
The good bit about the launch of Cricinfo's been the quality of writing -- Rahul, Amit, Dileep Premachandran, Chandrahas, Sambit, Kamran Abbasi, Osman Samiuddin... it's a dazzling array of talent the site has lined up.
To my mind, the best part of Cricinfo's roster of writers is that they have interests over and above cricket; interests they nurture in their own time, and which infuse their cricket writing.
That's one of the things I am grateful to cricket for, actually -- the fact that through it, I've managed to make many friends, every one of whom has widened my own interests, brought to the table things I didn't know, and which I have profited from.
So I figured, when putting favorite links on here, could do a lot worse than start with Amit and Rahul. Enjoy -- they are well worth your while.


  • Prem,

    I believe Siddhartha Vardarajan (you know the stats guy of cricinfo) was/is a big time quizzer in the Blore quiz scene. And, if I'm not wrong he graduated from RVCE, the same engg. college that Anil Kumble is a graduate of. Just thought I'd add my own masala.

    It is interesting to be in the company of guys like this.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18:01  

  • cricinfo has indeed lined up quite a few good writers.
    Rahul Bhatia, Bhattacharya (read his Pundits from Pakistan, and its awesome), amit varma (and man I love his India Uncut), Samit Bal.
    Other than that Harsha's columns on Indian express are very good. Peter Roebuck's columns in SMH and Hindu are really good too.

    For hall of shame, have you guys read a guy named Harish who writes in Indian express. Man his columns are horrible. Nothing against him personally but either he lacks cricketing insights or he does it deliberately!!


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18:09  

  • Prem,

    Just went to Amit's and Rahul's blogs. Dude, your blog is the best man...I am rediscovering the passion for cricket and cricket-related stuff, thks to you and the other folks who participate in your blog.

    This is an epiphany of sorts, trust me, after all these years. I guess I kissed your you-know-what enough.

    More action hopefully, tomorrow.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22:27  

  • amit is all over the place and too pompous. i stopped reading him. anyway, why bash him here! prem is kinder, gentler, humbler, etc. (of course erroneous wrt some people).

    dileep P rocks. does he have a blog?

    By Anonymous chatura, at 02:42  

  • Interesting to know that some of the other good writers have a variety of interests other than cricket.
    Frankly, I feel the quality of cricket articles on rediff.com has declined tremendously over the last few years. Prem's articles are the only ones worth reading, but he writes only occasionally. I have to visit cricinfo.com to read a nice article and get a good feel of day's play in the bulletin. Some of the rediff writers (other than Prem) just don't make the cut.

    By Blogger Amar, at 09:21  

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