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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Cricket by the numbers

The ongoing Natwest series is the last to be played before the new rules -- floating substitutions, the option of splitting the field-restrictions phase into two, et al -- come into play.
David Clough, on cricket365.com, argues a hands-off policy and suggests that rules involving more knowledge of advanced math than of cricket could be counter-productive.
Modern-day limited-overs cricket also has the added mystery of Duckworth-Lewis to contend with - and while there is no doubt the formula for settling rain-affected matches is painstakingly assembled and entirely fair, the logarithm tables involved demand an extra leap of faith from all the game's followers.
Cricket needs to be pretty sure it is on the right track then before it throws another bunch of numbers into a spectacle already unavoidably beset by mathematics and equations.


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