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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Cup of joy

June 5: BCCI to discuss joint Indo-Pak bid for World Cup
June 8: BCCI to independently bid for World Cup
*pause for an instant of maniacal laughter*
But seriously, the BCCI decision to bid independently makes sense, no? India has the infrastructure to host the Cup -- stadia with tremendous capacity; road, rail and air links; high class hotels; enormous corporate interest; an event-friendly tax policy; everything you need, in fact. What is more, Pakistan recognizes this.
Shaharyar (PCB chairman Shaharyar Khan) was realistic while saying that only India was the only Asian country that had the infrastructure, facilities and capabilities to single-handedly host the 2011 World Cup.

He left out one all-important element: money. Even when South Africa hosted the World Cup, the majority of the top sponsors were India-based corporates; imagine then the interest if the Cup were to be held in India. 99 per cent of all sponsorship would be generated within the country itself -- which is something no other nation can ever hope to match.
So why share? What does a jointly-hosted Cup bring but chaos and confusion (remember the last time India-Pak-SL hosted the Cup? And now there is a proposal to rope in Bangladesh as well!)
The only reason I can think of for the BCCI to even consider a jointly-hosted Cup is politics. To win the bid, you need votes -- and a joint bid gets you four, first ball. Considering the financial success India can make of the Cup, it is in a position to offer the sort of prize monies that will ensure it the votes of the less cash-rich countries (Zimbabwe, say; or the West Indies).
Then again, assume India makes an independent bid for the Cup -- how many of these countries are going to vote against us anyways?


  • i think BCCI should go for an independent bid if hey think they can get enough votes on that.
    India can host the world cup. It has the infrastructure, and there is enough money to be made. It will be good for tourism etc. I don't see why BCCI should go for a joint bid unless there is no way BCCI can get enough votes without that.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:33  

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