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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

David is my Shepherd...

When he was active, we kept our eye on the scoreboard, waiting for it to turn 111... 222... 333 and so on, if only for the fun of watching the portly umpire do his damndest to get both feet off the ground without falling flat on his face.
Shep's finally called it a day -- but apparently believes he still has something, he doesn't know what yet, to contribute to the game.
You guys remember what Imran Khan said, while advocating neutral umpires, in his All Round View?
The modern umpire is caught between two opposing forces -- the domestic pressures which encourage error, and the technology that reveals them

Very succinct, that definition of the problem of modern umpiring. The ICC, for its part, is in a mood to increase the use of technology (read, decrease the use of umpires), and will use the upcoming Super Tests between Australia and the Rest of the World, this October, to broaden the scope of the video umpire.
This could well be the best use for the likes of Shepherd and other umpires who have come to the end of active duty (not to mention some, like Bucknor, who need to be superannuated asap) -- wouldn't it be a plan for the ICC to bring these men, who between them have a tremendous amount of experience to call upon, and get them to rework the role of the umpires?


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