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Monday, June 06, 2005

Dubious record

The Windies are done, and almost dusted -- remarkably, the home side managed to lose six wickets for just 114; they need 166 more to win or, more accurately Pakistan -- in a strong position now, thanks at least in part to David Shepherd who seems to be afflicted by last-game nerves -- need four more wickets to seal the game, and draw the series.
Lara, just the other day, was talking of his feelings on levelling Bradman's record of Test centuries; I wonder if he is aware of a dubious distinction headed his way when the inevitable happens and the Windies lose this one?
If my memory serves, one more Test defeat will mean that Lara will join Alec Stewart of England as the player featuring in the most Test defeats, of those who have played 100 Tests or more. Wanted to spend some time digging through the stats, to see if memory is right, but it's 8 in the evening and I must run.
Take care all, see you tomorrow morning...


  • Today Morning a friend of mine in the office screamed at my ear “ rediff got the sport Journalist award, But Prem didn’t get it!” I knew this guy always had something going against Prem So I replied “ He was not expected to get it , because that’s how he writes”

    Not satisfied he had the reply ready “ But Prem is controversial, He takes on someone or the other and you can’t expect him to get any award” I thought for a while and told him
    “ It all depends on to whom they write .., It will change If Prem start writing for Cricinfo or Tapan Joshi start writing for Rediff or Dileep Premchandran start writing for Cricketnext or Faisal Sheriff start writing for Stardust ! ” Confused he left my cubicle and slowly walked back after a while with a expression in his face “ Why Prem is not writing nowadays? Is he shy ?” I told him “ good question, I will ask Prem ”

    By Anonymous N1R3N, at 02:15  

  • Hi Prem,
    Many Indian cricket fans hold it against Sachin that he never wins matches for India but say that Lara is a match winner for Windies. But Lara has done it only a handful of times. The number of times he failed to score big either for a win or a draw is quite high. He failed at critical times in most of the matches (both tests and ODIs) against South Africa in the recent series and now failed against Pakistan. If this was Sachin who failed, his 'fans' and critics would have pilloried him for that. Your comments on that please....
    ES Prakash

    By Blogger Prakash ES, at 09:10  

  • @ prakash
    People may say thousand things.. one thing that doesn't lie are stats.. it is clear that Sachin hasn't stayed till the end and won us any match in tests.. while Lara single handedly on those few occasions has..

    but then.. both are gr8 players.. and somehow they would have contributed to most wins (batting well in 1st inngs, or with the ball)...

    By Blogger Vivhyd, at 11:54  

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