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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Feet to the fire

Faisal Shariff, with inputs from others, has been doing a great job on the series of articles (referred to in yesterday's post) examining various facets of our cricket administration.
The series continues, with a look at umpiring standards within the country. Consider this telling sidebar:
To figure out just how much priority the umpires get, consider this: The BCCI’s umpires committee has not a single umpire — junior or senior — on its panel. The same Board that named S. Venkatraghavan, one of the best international umpires in his time, on the committee to pick the national coach has no work for him on the umpires committee.
‘‘It wasn’t this bad, to be honest’’, says a former international umpire. ‘‘Some five years ago the committee had a special invitee, usually a senior umpire. But for some reason the board decided to scrap that rule.’’
‘‘Why do we need an umpire on the committee?’’ asks Gautam Das Gupta, the committee’s convenor. ‘‘The committee only resolves disputes and deviations on the umpiring circuit. We used to do it earlier but we saw that it was of no use. So we stopped it.’’

Also must-reads, from the same paper, are this piece on the underpaid ground staff who maintain our wickets, and this, on the state of club cricket in the country.


  • well... talking about standards... those poor oldies stand in the heat all day, and dont get paid properly!

    By Anonymous chirayu, at 23:17  

  • Prem,

    Have you checked out the play-cricket website (http://www.play-cricket.com) which is run and managed by the ECB and acts as an umbrella for all levels of club cricket in the UK.

    Maybe the BCCI could think of somethins along these lines. I know this will not sort out all the ills of Indian cricket, but it could play its part...

    By Anonymous Saurabh wahi, at 09:06  

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