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Friday, June 10, 2005

The feline is out of the bag

The famous dressing room spat -- which escalated out of proportion largely because Inzamam decided to take up for Afridi, which in turn was because Inzy didn't like the idea of Younis as his deputy -- is now being blamed offered up as the reason for the defeat in the first Test against the West Indies, ergo the levelling of a series Pak went in hoping to win.
What stands out is this bit, where Inzy is quoted giving reasons why Younis Khan is bad news:
"Even in the final ODI, Younis faced problems with Abdul Razzaq who showed his displeasure when he was told that Rao Iftikhar would bowl the death overs,"-The News quoted.
"Razzaq wanted to bowl in the final overs but Younis told him that he would like Iftikhar to do this and that left the all-rounder unhappy and in a bad mood."

Ex-cuse me? For the first time, I'm beginning to develop some real sympathy for Younis. A bowler wants to bowl, the captain wants someone else to bowl, so the bowler gets in a "bad mood", and that is an example of bad captaincy?
Is that how it is in the Pak team, then? A captain for the record, and 10 players deciding what they will do when where and how, not to question why? Afridi decides to bat down the order, and sulks when told to open; Razzaq decides to bowl and sulks when told not to...?


  • I am beginning to see why Imran thought Younis would make a good captain. He produces under pressure and has some definite ideas on what he wants to do.
    The best captain that pakistan had (Imran) ran the team with a tight fist.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09:24  

  • Younis ! Hey Younis ! I want to be captain! Sob! Sob! if you dont let me be captain, i will get you kicked out....Mummy!!

    Younis! Hey Younis! I want to open batting for some time, then retire and then come back to try middle order batting and finally want to try opening the bowling....just to see how much fun it is....can i ? can i ? or shall i have inzy uncle take care of u?

    By Anonymous team guy, at 09:31  

  • Umm, I'd be careful with a report like this because it is unattributed. There's one particular Pakistani journo - who also writes for a paper in the middle east and mumbai's mid-day - who specialises in digging up stories like this. We tend to avoid his stories during a rewrite.

    Cheers Prem.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:06  

  • this is what happens when you have 11 captains in 1 team. Good luck Inzi!!

    By Anonymous Mayur, at 13:27  

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