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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Ganguly in England

The Telegraph report on the Glamorgan-Kent game, and this is what The Guardian made of it.
The line that caught my eye was from the latter report:
Ganguly, though, had spent part of the lunch break reviewing his first-innings 69 with Glamorgan's video analyst and berating himself for the slightest technical hitch...

The Times, in its report, also touches on the same theme.
Ganguly had played well for his first-innings 69, after which he had told the Glamorgan video analyst to expect more in the second innings. He was true to his word, even if his blistering assault on the Kent attack was made in a lost cause. Driving with great power through extra cover, he hit 15 fours. The first of his five sixes came when he memorably flat-batted a startled Khan back over his head. Ganguly struck two sixes off both James Tredwell and Stevens, although the former had him dropped badly on 74 at long-off by Khan.

Good for him. Glamorgan's cause, as far as avoiding relegation from division one, seems lost; Ganguly, however, has a great opportunity to play himself back into peak form, away from the pressures of home. And judging by that line above, that seems to be exactly what he is focussing on.
In passing, he will probably be in action again Tuesday, when he turns out for the MCC XI in the Tsunami benefit game at Lord's.


  • Maybe now, the BCCI and Ganguly will understand the true value of technical data and scouting and make this a permanent position in the new Indian team management under Chappell. Of course, this is still the BCCI we're talking about so maybe we'll just get a guy with a "lap".

    By Anonymous Arvind, at 23:21  

  • when did Ganguly not understand this? was he ever against technology and video analysis?

    By Blogger chatura, at 23:41  

  • you r right chatura!! When did BCCI and Gangs rejected the idea of acquiring tech data? Gone are those days when Lele denied the need for these things. Amarnath was the one who said something like: (http://content.cricinfo.com/ci/content/story/209207.html)

    "I donĀ¹t have laptop. I only have a lap."

    Anyways, I was really disappointed to see Gangs add only a few runs to his overnight score in the first inning. His second inning, much to my delight, was sensational. Being a true dada fan, I won't get carried away as I know that he has to score lot more runs to prove that he is back and also shut his detractors, but this is definitely a good start.

    It will be interesting to see his performance against Middlesex where IK Pathan is trying to prove that he is capable and should not be compared to Jim Anderson who quite faded away quickly after a sensational start.

    It will also be interesting to see how he performs for the MCC XI if he ends up playing it. I have my fingers crossed. Lets just wait and watch.

    Go DADA

    By Anonymous Mayur, at 03:27  

  • I am more interested in seeing how the Indian media reacts to a creditable performance from Ganguly in the county circuit.(touch wood, cross fingers, toes, etc.) It is fashionable to add on Ganguly's name to anything negative. And from early tidings, I get a bad feeling that Greg C may face a similar predicament. He *gasp* dared to say something about SRT which was misconstrued, manipulated and sensationalized by our "anything to up our ratings/readership" media!

    By Blogger chatura, at 03:50  

  • hi prem i have been to a big fan of yours since the time you wrote in rediff but honestly i think your collegue at rediff deepti patwardhan wrote at excellent piece on cricket which was everything that was on my mind cricket no longer excites i havent watched cricket game since delhi ODI and i havent missed anything my only question to you guys is why are guys newspaper TOI which covered sachin landing at airport was given more coverage than any on field football action comon give me break

    By Blogger sand_dunes, at 04:12  

  • I think indian media of late have got obssessed with anti ganguly comments. In the same way i feel i believe that the media and some 'experts' are giving more credit than he really deserves to Rahul dravid also. Every time the media wants to say something bad about Ganguly, they end up praising Dravid a lot. There are one lakh faults in Dravid as like Ganguly. But may be his present form is good that 's all

    I's'nt it riduculous on the part of the organosors of the Tsunami charity match to invite Ganguly as when he has hit that two big scores for Glamorgan aganist Kent.

    Is it the first time that Gang hit big scores.

    If he did not score for 5-6 matches...... that's all..... Ganguly has forgotten cricket... stance bad... cant hold bat ...... what is this yaar

    May be these are the ill effects of media which otherwise do a good job

    By Anonymous vijaykumar, at 00:18  

  • sand_dunes, it is good that you talked about TOI. this is something that has been bugging me for a long long time. TOI was (past tense) a good newspaper 4-5 years back. these days it concentrates more on the masala news. it is ridiculous to see those stories with tons of pictures and the funny thing is that the pictures get repeated quite often. as prem said on his blog that TOI has the habit of stretching a 1 page story to a 5-6 page story. one day, they will come out and say that Dravid should be the captain, the other day they come out and say that Tendlya is history.

    TOI nowadays can quite correctly be compared to a gossip magazine. All the flashy news get here first. their news bulletins after the games are funny, strange and miss the target by miles. their website is hilarious and does not look professional at all. they really must be having some tom-dick-harry scribble something flashy on the 1st page, something like this what Greg C suggests for all the batsmen in the world and then it goes on and on with its babbling. Quality news is really missing altogether.

    Rediff and Cricinfo in the mean time have really improved on their journalistic standards. Even their website presentation is professional. TOI is supposed to be one of the top newspapers in India. Can they not afford this?

    what do you think about it Prem?

    By Anonymous mayur, at 01:49  

  • well, while Dravid deserves the kudos (damn! why did he get married :-) ), Saurav does not deserve so much scrutiny. Wish the Indian media learns a bit from the Aussie media and focus their gossip segments on the opposition. But no! they are oh-so-gentlemanly and even take upon themselves to censure our players if they mildly transgress the line of perfect behaviour (mind you, the same is gamesmanship from an aussie).

    Our media truly believes in "aditi devo bhava".

    By Blogger chatura, at 02:09  

  • Quite interesting to see that a county like Glamorgan can also afford to have a video analyst!!! And looks like its being used as well...Surprise, Surprise.

    I wonder what a guy called Ramakrishnan sits and does all day in the Indian dressing room. You cannot miss him at all. Looks like he is a good pal of the senior players and hence squeezed into the dressing room forever. There seems no analysis coming from the capture of cricket data, that he is paid for.

    By Blogger madhugr, at 04:32  

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