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Monday, June 06, 2005

Good job, Sachin...

Thank god the man's sane. Firstly, no rush to return to competitive cricket, which is good. It gives the team a good four months to figure out what life without Sachin is like, to rethink team composition, to try out promising young kids. And while all this is going on, Sachin can take his own time, first to complete the healing process, then to get back to the nets and get it all back together again... what the heck, if he is not ready after 16 weeks, he can afford to say so, take another month, or two, and only come back when he feels in peak form. Another good thing about his recent comments is his refusal to take the bait and be drawn into a discussion on Greg Chappell's comments. You don't need controversies before Chappell has even settled into his job; you almost got one when various sections of the media grabbed onto those comments are tried to make it appear sacrilegious -- it's a good thing Sachin is refusing to fan those flames.


  • Right, Sachin is a very mature individual. Besides he is the only cricketer, in India who can actually say when he is ready to return, and still find a place for himself in the side. I agree with you - heck, if he is not ready in four months he can a few more, or even a year off. I would love to see him back in peak form as well. Kind of how Brian Lara has been in his last 27 tests (12 centuries etc.). That prospect will keep all of us cricket fans drooling till the big guy returns.

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