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Monday, June 13, 2005

Good reads

A selection of good reading, culled from the net:
1) Rahul Bhatia on the ball manufacturers of Meerut. If you like good travel writing, keep your eye on his blog -- there is, for instance, a piece on Meerut there that provides texture and context to the story on the ball-makers.
2) Andrew Miller, on England skipper Michael Vaughan's reformatted attitude to winning
3)Rabeed Imam's well written plea for treating Bangladesh cricket with a touch more understanding and sympathy
4) Martin Johnson's trademark humor on view, in a Telegraph piece on how the modern generation wants instant gratification
5) Tanya Aldred in The Guardian, on the making of Damien Martyn. While on this, I remember some time ago, picking up a bunch of really old issues of an Aussie cricket magazine, from a second hand bookshop in Mumbai. One story caught my eye: it talked of Martyn's debut trip to England, where in the warm-up games, he apparently couldn't stop scoring. His runs, though, didn't win him a place for the first Test, so he scored some more in the warm-up game between the first Test and the second. Still no place -- at which point, the story went, he kind of lost the plot, and slipped into a certain wildness. The Aussie management immediately stepped in; Martyn was made to room with David Boon, and the senior cricketer was told to take the talented lad under his wing, teach him the virtue of patience, and ensure he didn't go off the rails. Made me think -- if the BCCI were similarly alive to the needs of fostering young talent, would the careers of the likes of Maninder Singh, Sadanand Vishwananth, Laxman Sivaramakrishnan and so many others not have followed a different trajectory?
6) Stephen Brenkley chats up Brett Lee, the Aussie quick who for all his flamboyance finds himself out of the Ashes party
7) In The Times, Tim de Lisle argues the case (made earlier, in various fora, including on this blog) for Kevin Pietersen finding a place in the England team to take on the Aussies.
Right, there you go -- plenty to read, while I go off and get some work done :-) And in passing, whenever you spot a link worth sharing, do mail them, to prem@us.rediff.com


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