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Monday, June 06, 2005

Happy hookers

Rajesh of Cricinfo has come up with the latest in his series on strokes and the batsmen who excel in them, and I must say the one on hookers and pullers contains some surprises. I'd have thought, off hand, that Aussies would top any such list, with Ponting, Gilchrist and Hayden, in that order, dominating the rankings.
Not -- Shivnaraine Chanderpaul at number 2 was probably, for me, the most eye-opening part of this presentation; another was to see Sachin Tendulkar head the Indian list (this, not because Sachin can't hook, but because he has tended to pretty much cut the shot out in recent times). What did you guys make of this exercise?


  • I don't think it's true that you made up your mind duing Pakistan series. The fact is YOU and REDIFF never really liked Sourav Ganguly. The readers who frequent Rediff know this very well. I for one is not going to read any of your blogs on Sourav. Your comments on other subjects are worth reading though.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16:55  

  • After seeing VVS getting bowled / lbw quite regularly, i had once done a study on that a while ago. Here is the report, if you are interested :



    By Blogger Thyaga, at 17:13  

  • Man,

    Your title "Happy Hookers" scared the bejesus out of me -- I thought you were referring to the h**kers in midtown Manahttan..he he he...


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09:11  

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