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Friday, June 10, 2005

Hat-trick for Clarke

Like Shane Warne wasn't enough, now the Aussies are letting loose another demon bowler at the Brits? Michael Clarke, in the Ashes tour-opening Twenty20, claims a hat-trick -- what is really interesting in what can otherwise be dismissed as an oddity in a pajama thrash is that one of his victims is Kevin Pietersen, the bloke England look to, to provide Sehwag-style pyrotechnics to their batting.
PS: Yes, I know it is 3 am in New York and no, this is not about to become a 24-hour blog -- it's just that I need to sit up all night tonight, so figured I'd drop in occasionally and keep you guys amused :-)


  • I feel guys like Clarke,Afridi,gayle etc are overhyped bowlers.They need to be thrashed madly by quality batsmen and shown their place.

    By Blogger Badri, at 03:15  

  • Badri..
    we boast ourselves as the best players of spinners....dont u remember..we were dazzaled against this Clark only when he was here in India....
    We cant play Clark, We cant Play Afridi..leave apart the quality spinners...

    By Anonymous abhay, at 04:07  

  • and its not about showing them their class..but its happening the other way rounds..this part timers are showing the great batsmans their own class!!!

    By Anonymous abhay, at 04:08  

  • On the contrary Badri, those three along with Symonds, have made life hell for some of some champ batsmen.

    Indian/Sri Lankan pitches suit these slow bowlers, and only hard hitter can breeze through them(Remember how Afridi hit Symonds in Australia).

    Our only hope against them is Dhoni, and perhaps, Sehwag.

    By Blogger Manish, at 05:24  

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