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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

How narrow is narrow?

It's been a heavy work day -- and a slow news day, which makes me feel a touch easier about not blogging quite as much as usual.
This story about Arun Lal's possible hire as coach for Jharkand, is worth a read -- if only because it shows you how narrow our world view can be.
When Greg Chappell was being interviewed for post of national coach, the cry raised by Mohinder Amarnath, Ajit Wadekar and others was 'Why do we need a foreign coach, why not an Indian?'
So when Jharkand wants a coach, what happens? Chaos, confusion, in-fighting. And then this bit:
Some of the senior cricket coaches of the city have also questioned the idea of hiring Lal. “There are experienced coaches in Jharkhand who have earlier worked with the Ranji players. Lal’s presence would make things more complicated,” a city-based coach, who is also a former Bihar captain, said.


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