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Monday, June 06, 2005

Indians in England

Dinesh Mongia appears to be the only one of the Indians (okay, Irfan Pathan with the ball, too) who pulled his weight in county action over the weekend.
Frustration for Saurav, thanks to rain, and to Bajji, who struggled for wickets, had an appeal turned down, and took out his frustration by chucking for real -- not exactly what you want to do, when you are already under the spotlight.


  • I think Dinesh Mongia has improved quite considerably thanks to his county stints in this and the last year.... He surely deserves a place in the ODI's alongside Yuvraj and Kaif.. Now that Laxman is overlooked, we have to start really 'rotating' these three guys in the middle order instead of dumping them and breaking their hearts.

    By Anonymous GP, at 12:13  

  • While on this topic, shouldn't news-site headline writers learn a bit of discipline ? The headline in Rediff proclaims "Harbhajan called for throwing", and gives a very different impression from what really happened.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13:08  

  • I love it! People like Bhajji make sports interesting. What cricket needs is characters - so what if he actually flung the ball, or chucked it. or threw it. If it wasn't malicious, it must have been funny. I for one would have laughed, if I was on the field.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22:55  

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