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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Khan do, will do

There was a period in his career, sometime shortly after his headline debut, when 'work ethic' was not a phrase that figured prominently in Zaheer Khan's vocabulary -- so much so, in fact, that coach John Wright and then physio Andrew Leipus often were forced to take issue with the cricketer on that score.
Good news is, all that changed -- injury, time sitting on the bench and occasionally, outside the team itself, appears to have brought home the lesson; he's been near-obsessive about working on his skill sets, and his fitness, ever since.
So now, while Irfan Pathan is working on his game in the English county circuit, this story says Zaheer is hard at it at the MRF Academy (a place I was hugely impressed by, when I visited it some years back to do stories on how it operates, and on Lillee himself -- but more on that later, can't seem to find the back link I was looking for).


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