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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Kid stuff

Lawrence Booth, in the Guardian, says England has agreed to retool the ‘guard of honor’ following the Mathew Hayden swearing incident.
Not sure I get this – how stressful can it be to run onto the ground past a line of flag-waving school kids?
Elsewhere in the same paper, Cricket Australia says Hayden did not swear at the child, as alleged.
Hayden was accused of telling one of the flag-waving members of the guard of honour "I wish you would just fuck off" as he walked out to open Australia's innings on Tuesday but yesterday the tourists repeated their denial that he said anything of the sort.
"We asked what happened last night," said a spokeswoman for Cricket Australia. "Matthew gave us his word nothing had occurred and he has reiterated that this morning.

Nice, incidentally, to see that the Guardian is all grown up and uses the F word without asterisks – never did see much point to it, frankly.
The culprit has apologized, the match ref says no action needed, the two captains say the incident is in the past, but Hayden remains one unhappy chappie. No fair, he tells Chloe Sattlau, about the Jones throw that precipitated on-field fireworks the other day.
There was clearly some lingering ill-feeling despite Jones's apparent apology immediately after striking Hayden high on the chest while he was standing well within his ground.
"You tell me whether that's the right thing to do or not," said a clearly agitated Hayden.
"A bloke is standing halfway in the crease and he fires a ball at you as hard as you can throw and you've got absolutely no right of reply whatsoever.
"You can't get out of the way of it. [It's] like a baseball throw from 10 yards away."


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