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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Leisure reading...

Was just sitting down to a leisurely scan of the world of cricket when I get this phone call: Why aren't you at the SAJA conference, was looking for you?
Better run, I guess -- will leave you with these two links:
1. To a Mark Waugh column, which is very unlike the Aussie triumphalism you generally see at the start of an Ashes tour. Sure, says all the right things about waking sleeping giants, but note that Waugh has, like others have in recent times, expressed concern about Australia's slipping standards in the field.
It really must be a huge concern -- the Aus pacemen are not express (barring Brett Lee, that is); which makes it all the more vital that their fielders convert the half chances into wickets.
2. To a Freddy Flintoff interview
3. To a Mike Selvey piece in the Guardian, that proclaims that the Aussie aura is slipping:
The significance of all this, though, lies not in the results themselves (as a guide to the Ashes they carry all the significance of, say, the par-three competition before the Masters golf), but in the fact that gradually the Australian side are being demystified. This was royalty on the toilet, pants around their ankles. Crikey, they are just like us.
We have revered them for their achievement, been insulted and patronised in turn by their media, and simply taken their pre-eminence for granted. We were not worthy, beaten before we began. Gradually that has changed.

Another passage in the piece that caught my eye relates to something I recently posted about McGrath.
Selvey writes:
McGrath for his part has done what he does with a ball in his hand and gone on to autopilot, uttering the usual pre-series drivel about "targeting" Andrew Strauss - he is an opening batsman for goodness sake: would McGrath have directed the new ball at Steve Harmison? - and generally writing England off. As if anyone cares what he thinks.

Oh good -- there are two statements Aussies invariably make before the start of a tour, that consistently irks me. One is McGrath 'targetting' someone or other in the opposition top order (of course you would, idjit) and the other is Shane Warne 'inventing' a new ball. Good to see someone ask the obvious question -- if you as a new ball bowler don't target the opposition top order, who in heck would you target anyways?
Right... need to shower, need to run; given there is an awards dinner tonight after the conference, given too that India Abroad has bagged two, not likely there will be any more action on this blog today. This is an open forum, discuss whatever catches your fancy, I'll try and download the comments when I get a chance so I know what the buzz is.
Take care, you guys, and have a good weekend.


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