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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

McGrath to open

I saw this piece in my old paper, Mid-Day, and first checked the date. Nope, not April 1. Then I checked the byline -- Khalid Ansari, the paper's founder and father of its current publisher Tariq; not a man given to hallucination.
So what to make of this story -- McGrath apparently wants to make money -- for charity, that is -- with his batting talent.
Did a Google, on the off chance the whole thing is a hoax, but there really is an Australian Primary Club.
Elsewhere in the same paper is this denial, by BCCI chief Ranbir Singh Mahindra of his comments about Saurav Ganguly, in course of an interview with Karan Thapar.
Damn -- wish I had seen this interview. Must be historic: A guy is on TV, seemingly saying something. Everyone hears him say it; the tape captures him saying it -- but in actual fact he didn't say it.
Anyone, anyone at all, out there who saw the interview and can confirm or deny what Mahindra told Thapar?


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