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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Money for jam

From the Hindustan Times, this: The bidding has begun, for the right to fix corporate logos on the jerseys of Indian players.
While Sahara is believed to have paid about Rs 102 crore for the rights, the stake is likely to go up this time round. The BCCI is expected to fix a reserve price of Rs 150 crore for the bidding.

That's the likely income from just sale of logo rights, mind -- total up the rest (ground collections, TV rights, et cetera et cetera).
Not that anyone will grudge the fact that the BCCI makes money -- but, damn, how I'd love to get hold of its annual accounts to see what it does with the money it makes. That document, of course, has now become a closely guarded secret, thanks largely to media outlets like Outlook and Rediff having in the past thrown up examples of how the money is mis-spent (for instance, check this out -- it's a longish piece, just scroll down to the last part, which is the relevant bit here).


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