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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The more the merrier?

Martin Williamson, in Cricinfo, examines the latest ICC announcements on additional members, the scrapping of ODI status for Kenya, et al.
The announcement that, from now on, the top six associate countries will be able to play full one-day internationals against each other, or any of the Full Members, is a massive and timely boost to world cricket's second-tier nations.
A supplementary story, also by Williamson, looks at the move's implications for Kenya.
I donno -- I'm tempted to write in to the ICC and ask for clarifications on a few points, as prelude to comment of any kind. For instance, (1) Is the promised $500,000 every four years per country, or is that the total sum to be disbursed to the six top nations over four years? and (2) No quarrels with the ICC decision to accord full status to ODIs the top six associate nations play with one another -- but does this also mean that the ICC will build, into its international calendar, matches involving these six nations with say India, Australia, England et al?
If the latter, the game could just have shot itself in the foot. Firstly, it will increase the number of ODIs each of the top nations is expected to play. Secondly, it will multiply by a factor of six the number of one-sided games we'll get to see each year -- as if the routine annihiliation of Bangladesh weren't bad enough.
Need more info -- lemme see if I can get it.


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