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Friday, June 03, 2005

More Saurav

Judging by the press, the Indian skipper has to be among the most watched of overseas recruits on the county circuit. Here, a quick round-up of the more interesting pieces:
Gareth Griffiths talks to Saurav about the joys of being in England; elsewhere he talks of his happiness at being part of a young outfit; heck, here's a link to the whole Google page -- know before you click, though, that a lot of the stories are repetitive.


  • Hi Prem,

    Surely Saurav hogs the limelight everywhere he goes - be it Paris, Glamorgan or our own Kolkatta. My two bits on Saurav - http://guteschrift.blogspot.com/

    By Blogger Girish, at 06:00  

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