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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

A must read

Was about to exit this for work, when I chanced upon a Greg Baum piece pegged on Shane Warne's latest indiscretion.
Eloquently written, this; Baum argues a case for why we need to treat sportsmen as performers on a stage -- but stop well short of investing them with moral authority and building them up as role models.
Strangely, we - the media - and the public continue to invest players and ex-players with moral authority, then to dwell upon the latest abrogation as if it has come as a shock when in fact it is not even a surprise. Not many sportspeople were pillars of society even when they lived in it. Now their world is so remote from the real world that almost nothing applies: not wage scales, not responsibility, least of all propriety.

Later, guys... off now to work.


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