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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

News briefs

We continue our list of those who do *not* know Shobhan Mehta, with the latest entry: Azhar. Now please will someone ask Ajay Jadeja, so he too can deny it, and we can have a full house?
Elsewhere, the BCCI says it will take up the issue of the ban served on Saurav Ganguly at the ICC meeting later this month, in London. I tried googling this just now, on a whim, and 'bcci, ganguly, ban' threw up a tick over 14,000 entries.
Point being, my dear BCCI, you've been saying 'We will take up the ban' enough times for us to get the point -- you will take up the ban. Good on you; we are convinced. Now how about shut the heck up, do it, and tell us the results, as and when? And when the urge comes to repeat yourself, try 'Polly wants a cracker'. Or the Gayatri Mantra. Anything -- just, not 'BCCI will take up Ganguly ban'.
A post of yesterday spoke of the seven ODIs Sri Lanka will play in India; said post spoke too soon. Turns out though the Lankan board would like to play seven, the BCCI is undecided, and will wait on South Africa's decision to tour India before committing. Tell you what, though -- five ODIs is about all I can take, between any two countries. Seven?! In a row?! Immediately after we play them a minimum of twice, a maximum of thrice, in the tri-series in Sri Lanka?
The Nawab of Pataudi has been denied anticipatory bail. Good! This blog has been rooting for the authorities on this one.
And finally, the news that the national coach is landing in Bangalore this week, and that the first coaching camp under his aegis will be held in July. His first order of business reportedly is to study the confidential reports submitted by John Gloster to the board, on the fitness of individual players, and the reports submitted by Sandy Gordon on their mental fitness. He will then sit, we are told, with Gloster to plot goals for individual players -- all of this leading up to the camp.


  • Hmmmm!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18:44  

  • why don't BCCI try arrange Tri-Series bet. india,Srilank and South africa. It will be much better to have 5 ODI's with SL and another 5 ODI's with SA.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19:07  

  • It is ridiculous on BCCI's behalf to play 7 one dayers against Sri Lanka.Instead, they could organise a tour to West Indies and cash in on their poor form to register a test series victory over there after a looooong wait :)

    By Anonymous Binesh, at 05:54  

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