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Saturday, June 18, 2005

News briefs

The Nawab of Pataudi has surrendered to the police, who will now take him to the site of the hunt as part of their investigations.
Javed Miandad, meanwhile, has denied the story that his son will marry the daughter of Dawood Ibrahim. Then again, says here in this other story that the former Pak star has admitted close ties with Ibrahim. Wonder what the real story is here -- it is the second time a link between the two has been reported, and Miandad has denied it both times. Seems strange that a newspaper will make up an entire liaison out of thin air. Why? Wherefore?
Andrew Symonds appears to have fallen foul of the Aussie team management for reasons unspecified at the time of posting this. At the least, we don't have to speculate about this one -- a report has been promised after the formal enquiry later today.
Elsewhere, Greg Chappell appears to have picked up on the art -- so necessary if you are a celebrity of some sort in India -- of saying a lot without saying nothing much in particular. Not cribbing, mind -- I would have been very surprised if the coach began talking substantively, so early into his tenure, of individual players and such.


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