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Sunday, June 19, 2005

News briefs

Haven't been able to keep an eye on county action today; you guys have any insights, eye witness accounts etc, please post.
Meanwhile, Rahul Dravid, Viru Sehwag etc figuring in Twenty20 action tomorrow; be worth keeping an eye on this to see how they go?
In the West Indies, same old same old. Seems like each time they head into a fresh series, the contract disputes come to the fore again.
Elsewhere, the Dawood Ibrahim-Javed Miandad liaison seems to be confirmed, a day after it was vehemently denied. The Australian takes note of the happening, with this headline: Batter's Match with Bomber
Pakistan spent a good few years trying to persuade India to cross the border for cricket tours -- and the argument was, to play sport is good for releasing tensions, it is one of the possible confidence building measures. Apparently the theory only holds for cricket -- there's this story that Indian boxers have been denied visas for Pakistan. Time, you think, for the government and the BCCI to put its collective foot down and say hey, look, you can't pick and choose -- if cross border sports tours are good, then it has to apply to all sport, not only to those that make you money?


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