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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

News in briefs

First the Shane Warne portrait in the Lord's Gallery -- there are pix all over the web, including on Rediff's cricket site -- donno about you, but this pic makes him look like his own evil twin :-) -- and now, an India room at the Oval that Sachin will inaugurate.
Rahul Dravid, Bajji, Kaif and Pathan will get a taste of Twenty20 action, June 20, when an Asia XI takes on an International XI.
And Ranbir Singh Mahindra will chair the committee that will decide TV rights and sponsorship issues.
In county action, Saurav Ganguly and Glamorgan on the receiving end, as Kent piles up 357/7 on the first day of the three-day game; Saurav 3-0-8-0 and will in all probability be seen with the bat tomorrow.
Elsewhere, Bajji and Irfan Pathan in action on the same stage: Pathan 33 off 59 not out in Middlesex score of 319/7 against Surrey (the guy's doing good with the bat, out there); Bajji for the bowling side 24-8-57-1, that one wicket being Dalyrymple the Middlesex top-scorer.


  • Prem,
    Thanks for the news info - it would make ur life a lot easier if you could incorporate RSS Feeds into your Blog - that way, all the news come to you and not vice versa :)

    Secondly, can you have your hyperlinks with a "_blank" tag in it - that way, the links pop in a new window and so your Blog does not get refreshed.


    By Blogger Thyaga, at 18:50  

  • Caught the final session of the surrey middlessex game on Sky just as Ifran walked in. Initially looked all at sea, playing and missing everything that Ormond & later bicknell were bowling to him, the low point being 3 balls in one over that all pitched on middle stump and all missed the off stump by varying degrees. There was also a definite strategy to bowl short chest high with a bunch of slips and a leg gully leading to one commentator to comment that it was a change from the flat beds of Bombay.(Mumbai he corrected himself..they all seem to do that).
    To his credit Irfan didn't look flustered or intimidated and kept practising rhearsing his pull shots everytime he missed until he finally got one in the zone and unleashed a fabulous cover drive drawing immediate comparison with Sourav of old.
    And a few more followed in the following overs. So he definitely appears to have the temperament, may need to tighten technique a bit. (Bat coming down at an angle and so on..but that's my view).
    Bajji on the other hand was just OK and helped a lot by some really good support in the field. Looked a bit rusty but overalle seemed to be gradually getting in to a groove. His wicket came from some tight overs before (thanks to the fielding)..and also generated some interesting conversation between charles colville and nasser hussain about the whole throwing controversy. Charles kept prodding nasser into giving his view on the doosra since the wicket ball appeared to have been the doosra and nasser interestingly said he couldnt see any problem and that it was good for the game that offspinners had come up with this sort of delivery and essentially he couldnt really be bothered about the degree that his arm was bent or whatever the mechanics were about the throwing controversy...he couldnt tell with the naked eye and that was that. Refreshing to say the very least.


    By Anonymous Rahul P, UK, at 20:06  

  • Hi Prem
    I have a question. Why aren't all of the Indian players playing county cricket? I would think that all the pace bowlers would like the experience. Last year Agarkar played for (was it Middlesex?) and didn't embarrass himself. Why aren't they all playing?

    By Blogger Michael Higgins, at 21:59  

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