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Monday, June 13, 2005

The News in Briefs

The number of people who do not know Shobhan Mehta went up by one -- Mark Waugh joins Nayan Mongia in going 'Shobhan who?' Does one thing strike you about this whole match-fixing thing? Pakistan and India took action (not total, not comprehensive, no, but the two boards did act). The South African cricket board was forced into taking action. But till date, the best that the boards of Australia and England have come up with is 'We have conducted internal inquiries, we are satisfied the players are clean'. Cool -- we believe you; believe, too, that Shane Warne and Mark Waugh were merely interning for alternate careers as weathermen.
Sri Lanka will play seven ODIs in India. You, of course, saw the news item -- and did not miss the irony? It's only the other day that Marvan Atapattu -- one of the newer entrants to the list of cricket's walking wounded, with a back problem -- was complaining of the frenetic schedule ahead for his team. They must have been listening to him very carefully because what do you know, they've added two more games to the originally scheduled five. Seriously, guys, do you really want to see the same two teams go through the same motions over a seven-game series? I mean, really really? Surely it is time some sort of sense, and sanity, was brought to the whole question of cricket schedules?
Anil Kumble, in London for the Tsunami match, talks of his narrow escape; the game meanwhile seems set to be played before a full house.
It's good to see that India's support staff is earning its salary. Earlier, the only times you saw our 'physio' Dr Ali Irani was when the team was playing, and he was sitting in the dressing room chatting up whoever was handy. As opposed to which, I notice John Gloster is going around the country, working with the various players -- the latest news puts him in Chennai, where he has gone to check up on Zaheer, Balaji and others.
Shoaib Akthar's debut for Worcestershire appears to have been a bit of a damp squib -- expectation was that he would come out all fired up and intent on proving the Pak selectors wrong, but Bangladesh seems to have coped with his bowling well enough, while registering a win in the warm up game ahead of the tri-series.
And finally, what fun, England appears to have done a number on the Aussies in the Twenty20 game that officially kicks off the Aussie tour. It's been fun following it on the cricinfo scoreboard, and checking back with you guys for your on the fly updates.


  • You can get the commentary on BBC

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15:36  

  • I mean audio commentary

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15:37  

  • Anyone broadcasting tsunami game here in US? Any underground website?

    By Anonymous Vivek, at 16:08  

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