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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Off the map for a bit

The thing about blogging, I guess, is regularity -- but for once, have to plead inability. You guys know about the Nasdaq thing yesterday; a related development means I have to be away from office for the next three hours. It's now 12 -- should be back by 3, and will then pick up where I left off; in the meantime, 'scusi, pl.


  • Well Prem,

    do your Work!!

    we will visit again later for your Blogs..!

    By Anonymous joe, at 11:57  

  • This Somerset-Australia game is turning out to be pretty exciting. Both Smith and Jayasuriya are out, but Blackwell is now batting, and he almost grabbed a place in the English team for his hitting abilities... If Somerset pull this one off, Australia will have a lot of thinking to do, prior to the one-day series...

    By Anonymous Nandu, at 12:16  

  • Well, well...wonders will never cease....Somerset actually beat the Aussies....who will now have to start thinking about their bowling lineup a little. Agreed, McGrath came back well in his second spell, but Kasparowicz and Lee got the treatment, with Lee not being brought back after his opening spell.....

    By Anonymous Nandu, at 13:29  

  • Guess Ponting did not want Lee to lose whatever little confidence he has left.

    By Anonymous Saurabh wahi, at 13:33  

  • lee actually had a sore shoulder.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14:12  

  • Hi all,
    Work....um thats an interesting concept... I wonder who makes the most money/hour for their work... sportsmen? software ppl? buisnessman?
    How do you differentiate...
    Ah well just threw that one out there...

    By Blogger KB, at 15:09  

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