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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Omissions and commissions

Sandeed Dwivedi and Faisal Shariff clear up a few questions about the names picked, and omitted from, the probables list for the upcoming coaching camp in Bangalore.
The selection committee, More said, had to make some hard choices keeping in mind the ‘36-man outer limit’. ‘‘There were some young players who didn’t quite perform in the last season and there were those who did really well. We are aware of the potential of those who were dropped but we can’t just ignore those who have done well.’’
Talking specifically about Rayudu and Dhawan, More said, ‘‘These two boys have not been left in the cold. They have a great future ahead of them. They certainly do feature in our long-term plans.’’
‘‘We have invested a lot in Rayudu. He is a player of the future.’’

Wondered a touch about the 36-man outer limit -- this article seems to suggest that is what Chappell wanted, but it's not really clear. Personally, I'd have thought when making the cut, if you felt two, three more players needed to be added, you would -- rather than get all hide bound about some artificial ceiling. Anyways.
I've been watching with some amusement the way Greg Chappell has, with minimal effort, accomplished the hardest task of all -- to wit, getting the selection committee favorably disposed to him.
This guy should be giving lessons in man management, really -- ever since he took over, he's been giving the selectors reason to feel important. He consults them at length, he suggests that chairman Kiran More should spend four-five days in the camp before the date of the actual team selection...
On those lines, check this out:
Yesterday was the selection committee’s first interaction with the new coach and Chappell seemed to have made a big impression. ‘‘He is a guru’’, More said. ‘He has some great plans for Indian cricket. I hope we are able to take full advantage of him while he is here.’’
‘‘He came into the meeting and asked us to give him 36 players because he didn’t know most of the boys. He clearly stated his requirements to us and was very concise in his requirements. Once that was done he excused himself from the meeting.’’

They love him. And by giving them a sense of importance when he can, he seems to have ensured that they will listen to him when he *does* have something to say, and be disposed to giving him what he wants. Neat.


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