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Monday, June 20, 2005

Open season on Aussies

So it's official, by media concensus -- Australia's cricket team has imploded; the team has lost its lustre; their reputations have been flushed down the toilet; they are struggling to make an impact and almost everything that can go wrong, has. That last story, from sportinglife.com, has Richard Gibson analysing each player and finding little if anything positive to say about most.
Even Ricky Ponting seems to be feeling the pressure, if his instinctive search for quickfix solutions -- bring back Brett Lee, bring back Andrew Symonds -- is any indication.
One thing this does is put matters in perspective for us -- remember the collective down when the Indian team went through its own bad patch last season? Batsmen and captain losing form, bowlers losing the plot, the fielders going off the boil? Happens to the best, we now find -- so maybe we can step back a tad, and let the national team find its feet again?


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