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Friday, June 10, 2005

Over and out, I think....

Right, guys, been a loooong day; started sometime yesterday morning, and I need bed. Will try and pop in for a few over the weekend, but regular 'news on the hour' style blogging resumes Monday. You guys have a good weekend... :-)


  • Have a nice weekend

    By Blogger Suri, at 14:22  

  • Prem bhai,


    I have a feeling you're going to ditch rediff and start something of your own.
    Have you seen 'Mera Naam Joker" ? see it again for good .It's about you . We in sport writing think too much about ourself and get carried away ..You're just a entertainer.. writing about cricket ,wasting ur time and others time . People will use U and after some time they loose intrest and you fade away.So don't make a fool of yourslef.

    Are you out of work nowdays ? Desparate ? I can help .. take brotherly advice my old friend.

    salam again..

    By Anonymous Faisal Bhai .., at 17:14  

  • come on faisal. those comments are uncalled for. prem is doing an awesome job blogging.. keep up the good work prem

    By Blogger sachin, at 19:38  

  • Sachin Bhai ..

    Please do not misunderstand. Prem Bhai is
    Brilliant and Intellect and I like him a
    lot ..I am sad that his ability is used in the wrong place and it won't serve the socity or nation in any way .He should use his ability in the wright direction that will benefit him & others,not wasting time doing kids stuff . I will be the most happiest person for him if some thing good comes of all these .


    By Anonymous Faisal Bhai .., at 19:56  

  • Prem, I know guys like Faisal are water of a duck's back to you. But, it does really irk me to encounter guys who just don't get it.

    Keep up the good work. Its fun to read your stuff after a long time. I don't agree with everything you say, but you sure are a lot of fun to read.

    We all know you have a highly responsible job as the Chief Editor of the portal, and it is remarkable how you find the time to keep your passion alive amidst all your responsibilities. We all need to learn a thing or two about following your passion.

    By Anonymous Rajan Nair, at 22:01  

  • Rajan Bhai..

    There is no cricket writer like Prem Bhai in whole of India .

    He is writing day in- day out in this blog for nothing. Is it not a waste of talent ? Are we not exploiting him ? How many will stay in this blog if it’s made a Pay site ?

    I am a member since the day of inception of Panix station .( which is a Pay site ) ,I know the numbers how many are subscribed! Prem Bhai was doing a commentary 3 years back for just $4.99 . I have the numbers how many were subscribed .
    Where were all his fans ? they couldn’t afford 5 dollars ?

    In the Recent Pakistan series he gave the writing commentary, i.e sitting and typing all the matches’ free .Suddenly his fans have increased. Why ? Is it because everybody wants a free meal?

    Don’t all of us have a responsibility to ensure talent do not go waste ?

    Prem Bhai ,

    Please merge this with the Panix station. So now your fans know if they pay what they get.


    By Anonymous Faisal Bhai .., at 23:45  

  • Faisal Bhai!

    What happened? I used to listen to panix station till it was free, so I know you as well, u used to be there in that discussion!

    But what the heck you talking? I mean wasting talent and making it a pay site and all?? whats wrong with you?!! suddenlly you will say that Sachin signing autographs is wastage of his time!! He should ask for some buck..as he is giving away his "Signs"

    I really appreciate your concern about Prem, not getting anything out of this Blog..he should be working more hard for REDIFF!! so that rediff gets more audiance and publicity...kis kai bal bute par?? Prem Sahab kai bal bute par??

    So Faisal Bhai ..Bhala to usme bhi Rediff ka hee hua na?? Prem ka nahi!!!

    I really dont understand ur real concern here??????

    Please throw somelight so that we dont get wrong impression about u ....

    By Anonymous Abhay, at 03:08  

  • prem bhai

    free or not free....... you have created a new platform for all the cricket lovers to express their feelings. Nice service

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03:18  

  • Hmm...i thought whether panix station is free or not, rediff pays pram......er...right prem? dont show ur frustration of having paid cash and now seeing similar stuff free for all. Get a life dude!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09:27  

  • I agree with Faisal on some of the sentiments he expressed But Only Prem can answer these .
    It is a fact that Prem gave us so much joy for nothing to most of us and for little to some of us.It’s time we do something back for him . We can organize a Dinner Party with some Cricketers to felicitate Prem . One in Bay area and one in NewYork.

    I remember when I was active in local cricket here, Gus Logie was a coach for one of the teams. He once glanced over a piece writing from Prem I was reading and acknowledged. It won’t be that difficult to get some cricketers from India .Some of them know him ( fear him too..) .
    Some of these discussions might hurt him... I hope it’s not over and out...

    By Anonymous N1R3N, at 11:34  

  • Check out this blog site, unused. Leave your comments please. http://cricketandindia.blogspot.com

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:29  

  • Abhay Bhai,

    Sorry for the confusion , I am not faisal
    shariff of Rediff . I am just a reader,writer,member like you .


    By Anonymous Faisal Bhai .., at 15:40  

  • i guess prem considers this blog the best way to talk about his passion "cricket". I am sure he doesnt allow his blog time affect his day job. What prem does is common with software programmers . There are programmers(yours trully included) who have a day job as a programmer and spend the evenings at technical forums (contributing code, helping developers fix their open source software).none of us expect remuneration. we just do it because of our passion towards our craft.

    By Blogger sachin, at 16:39  

  • Faisal - there's something called following your heart. Not everthing has to be about money. Sometimes doing what you love gives you the most joy.

    Prem probably does it because he loves to, and we all read it because well we love to.Do you think Sachin still needs to play cricket for the money? Does he need to play through all that pain, the tennis elbow, the bad back and the mashed toe? He does it because he wants to.

    If you think everything in life is about the money - I shudder thinking about the kind of life you might be living.I mean this as no offense to you, but I just had to come out and say it.

    ~The Preceptor~

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 00:46  

  • I am amazed by this exchange, though it is symptomatic of us as a country. Somebody tries to follow his passion and do some good and people immediately start questioning his motives- is it money? is it an extension of his own self? is it a launchpad for something bigger?

    Why can't we just enjoy being part of a community that clearly loves cricket and follows the game with more than a perfunctory interest. Prem is one of the finest writers/observers of the game I have seen in a long time, and I hope this exchange does not dissuade him from writing with his usual enthusiasm. The game, and we ourselves, will be poorer for it!

    By Blogger Mohit, at 21:09  

  • Very ridiculous indeed. Faisal "bhai" getting senti on Prem's behalf. Give him space, for God's sake!

    By Blogger Manish, at 03:48  

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