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Monday, June 13, 2005

Pat excuse

Appropos an earlier post today about Tiger Pataudi and the black buck -- I just spotted this nifty little story.
In the bail application moved in Punjab and Haryana High Court, the former cricket captain said he is 65 years old and “inflicted with several diseases” and “his body has gone weak”

'Scuse me for asking, but why would you, poor ageing man 'inflicted with several diseases' and a body ravaged by combination of said age and illnesses, have gone hunting?
Someone needs to do research (give it a shot, you'll probably qualify for a grant of some obscene amount) into this link between wrongdoing and illness. Catch a guy off base -- Laloo Yadav scamming cattle fodder, Shobhan Mehta making trillions in illicit betting, Tiger Pat taking potshots at black buck, whatever -- and the next thing you know, they are clutching their chest and going oooh, need to go to hospital, can I have a private ward with a 100" TV and a pretty night nurse, preferably female, please?


  • "Denying that he had fired at the black buck, Pataudi, in his application, contended that the autopsy report said it had died of a knife cut on its neck."

    Sure! you mortally wound a black buck, from your jeep amid applause, and when the poor beast is gasping and struggling, you send your minion to give it a stab on its neck rendering it "dead". Of course, *you* did not kill it.
    Sounds like the definition of sex from Clinton.

    And now you have a weak body? yea, it is weak, deplete of any compunction.

    By Blogger chatura, at 21:06  

  • Wow Prem... thats a lot of blogging in one day! :)
    keep it going.

    By Anonymous chirayu, at 21:16  

  • and wait the next pat excuse will be "this is becoz I'm a Muslim"

    before the secular folks go ballastic, As an Indian Muslim I can say this, just like the african american with thier N__ word.
    NYah nyah nyah!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22:24  

  • It strikes me that there is much good to be done by offering up Messers Laloo and anyone else with chest pain, Jayalalitha and/or Mayawati as, um, nurses.

    By Blogger avinash, at 00:09  

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