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Monday, June 13, 2005

Pathan Vs Ganguly

An interesting game coming up in the English county circuit is the Middlesex-Glamorgan match-up, which features Irfan Pathan on one side, and Saurav Ganguly on the other. There was some doubt centering on Pathan's reported injury, but apparently the seamer's fine, and ready to go. Been meaning to keep an eye on Glamorgan games anyways, since a whole lot depends on Saurav returning to form at the earliest -- this merely adds an edge of spice to the game.
Right, need to head off for some work... see you guys on here, much later.


  • yeah its fascinating to see indian players on opposite sides. Pathan and Bajji and now pathan and Dada...lets wish dada continues where he left off....

    By Blogger justfun, at 16:34  

  • For me, the more exicting prospect is Ganguly Vs. Warne in the One-Day game at Hamshire this weekend...

    By Anonymous Saurabh Wahi, at 16:54  

  • Does India have professional physios for every team playing for the Ranji Trophy?
    I was reading the " fine, and ready to go" article and was pleasantly suprised at the way the county physio stated that he was going to work on Irfan's throwing from the deep.

    By Anonymous Sharath, at 17:12  

  • Let's also not forget Dinesh Mongia - who's going great runs. Especially in the one-day games. He's unbelievably in the top ten performers with bat (runs scored, strike rate, average) and ball (wickets, strike rate). He's playing in the second division but against his peers that's a great all-round performance. More so, as this is the first half of the season, which usually favors bowlers.

    Do you think he'll be able to fight his way back in the Indian ODI team as slow-bowling all-rounder?

    By Anonymous Arvind, at 17:58  

  • Since there is a bit of curiosity about the Twenty20 and also about the Indian players in the English counties, here is what Suresh Raina did over the weekend:

    S Raina Not Out 87 7 8 24
    Bolton & District league cricket.

    WOW!! Hard to imagine he is only 18 years old.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18:05  

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