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Thursday, June 23, 2005


Too early to know what the British and Aussie press make of the game today; Jenny Thompson on Cricinfo is first out of the blocks with a detailed bulletin.
On more general lines, Peter Roebuck in the Hindu says the countdown to the end of Aussie domination has begun; in the Express, Harsha Bhogle takes the contrary view. From Harsha, this:
I am not convinced this is a slide though. Form is being questioned at the moment, with some maybe a little more than that, but character, the reserve fuel, will soon kick in. If their current lethargy prevents their character from coming through only then can we announce the decline of a dynasty.

Elsewhere Imran Khan -- who seems to be keeping abreast of cricket when he is not scanning the fine print in international newsmagazines looking for material for his political pulpit -- couldn't care less; the Aussies, he says, dominate because the rest of the cricket world has shrunk to midget-size:
"There's hardly any match-winning bowlers these days.
"You don't have the relentless pace the West Indies had.
"I batted against them and it would just drain you, having to concentrate for so long."


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