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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Pressing matters

Interesting take, meanwhile, by Lawrence Booth in the Guardian about the way the Aussie press acts as the team's unofficial twelfth man, and why the same treatment is not meted out to the Aussies when they go travelling.
India has had its fair share of this tactic; as these two stories among many others (The Disinformation Drive and The Other Side of the Coin) illustrate.
But is it only because, as Booth suggests, Australia are invincible, and therefore have no chinks to exploit with a well chosen barb or three? Or is it at least in part because when the Aussies come visiting, the home media tends to bend over backwards to treat them with difference, even when they do not deserve such treatment? Because the home media does not bother to take on the Aussie media when it blatantly exaggerates facts, as in this example?
It is not, for instance, that the British media has no chinks to exploit; it is perhaps that they are too over-awed to take the visitors on. Did anyone ask Ricky, for instance, 'Hey, Ricky, how does Mathew Hayden's dramatic loss of form affect the team's opening balance?'
Why not a question, with just the right touch of the needle in it, about Warne's propensity to spend his down time sending SMS messages to random nurses?
Could it be that the Aussies are invincible at least in part because we let them be?


  • absolutely. even after the recent aussie visit of india, the only article i saw that questioned ponting's inability to perform well in india was by well..err...the non-playing "chicken" ganguly in his column on The Hindu. indian media is usually toothless, spineless and too "gentlemanly" (of course, only when it comes to the opposition, not about our own team). and let me not get started on our commentators here - aaaargh!

    By Anonymous chatura, at 22:27  

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