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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Pretend you don't see me

Amir Mir, in Outlook, has all the details on the Javed Miandad-Dawood Ibrahim liaison. One para, one line, jumps out at you:
These sources say the proposal was approved instantly, and was followed by an engagement ceremony in Karachi, an event the two families kept a hush-hush affair as Dawood, a 'globally designated terrorist' by the United States, is not supposed to be residing in Pakistan.

Don't mean to rake up any Indo-Pak angst, but tell me something: when President Pervez needs to justify the presence of Kashmiri terrorists on Pakistan soil, he says they are "freedom fighters". And Dawood Ibrahim is what, Santa Claus?
A bit of presumably unintended irony, meanwhile -- Mumbai Mirror, the newbie site that purportedly celebrates all things Mumbai, has as lead an infographic-driven story on how Dawood hopes to hold a high profile wedding despite an Interpol warrant hanging over him. (Follow the link at your peril -- the site doesn't seem too organized when it comes to links for specific stories.)


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