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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Probable omissions

The big news of the day is the announcement of the probables list.
The good bit is the scheduling of the coaching camps -- from June 27 to July 22, the players are almost constantly under the eye of the coach, physio and the rest of the back room staff, unlike in the past where you had at best a 10-day camp to kick-start the new season.
Neat, too, that the exercise kicks off with a camp purely for physical conditionikng purposes. Years back, in course of a chat, then physio Andrew Kokinos said if he were to make a wish list, the item on top would be an exclusive camp for physical training, where he could work in a structured fashion on the players, without the 'distraction' of nets and such interfering.
I'd also assume the net has been cast so wide, when drawing up the list, so Greg Chappell can get an up close look at as much of the available talent as possible, which again is all to the good.
A couple of things puzzle me, though -- if the idea is to see as many players as possible before making the first cut of the season, why is Ambati Rayudu missing? Does anyone know if the lad is injured, or otherwise unable to attend for some reason? It's an omission that jumps out at you, if only because Chappell himself had picked him as one of the names to keep an eye on.
The other puzzling aspect is the spinners list -- is it true that there are just three spinners worth considering in a preliminary camp, in all of India?


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