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Monday, June 27, 2005

Rahul Mehra heard from

A while ago, a reader on here sent me an email asking what had happened to Rahul Mehra and his PIL against the BCCI (for those not au courant, this link gives you the background).
Just received an email update from Rahul. As under:
I had been traveling for most part of this month and was in fact out of town for a vacation from June 12 to June 22 since all the Courts in Delhi are also closed.
My matter did not reach the board on May 25 due to which the case did
not proceed any further. However, as directed by the Delhi High
Court, I am in the process of creating a compilation incorporating
suggestions as to how the the game of cricket can be improved in

That's the relevant bit -- will update you guys, as and when there are developments. Meanwhile, heading out for the rest of the day; see you in here tomorrow, when Australia and England meet again.


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