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Friday, June 03, 2005

Same old same old

Good morning all -- ah, what absolute pleasure to see that the sun is shining, the smiles are as wide as all outdoors, and all is well with Indian cricket!
The best advertisement for Kovalam (Kerala government do note) is that the august worthies of the BCCI went there roaring like lions on starvation rations, and are now practically in each other's arms making love. Wow!
The main points:
(1) The BCCI invited tenders to decide the issue of telecast rights, then for some reason decided to scrap the tender process, got itself tied up in a dozen lawsuits, lost a potful of money (ah, unkindest cut of all), lost a lot of goodwill (anyone who watched cricket on DD have a good word to say for it, speak now), and so it has now decided to institute a committee to call for tenders which the committee will then pass on to the working committee which will work on it before passing it on to the executive committee... which I presume will execute it?? Anyways... so we have some resolution on the TV rights issue.
(2) The BCCI-TNCA face-off didn't happen. Sort of like those fireworks left over from last Diwali that you tried to recycle this time around and when you lit it, it went psssssssssssffffffft. Dalmiya made a presentation (he was brilliant, the Telegraph said yesterday); TNCA made a response and guess what, there was no problem after all. The BCCI will continue to let the TNCA dip into the general coffers, the TNCA will submit an affidavit in court saying BCCI is kosher and those TN clubs that took it to court don't know what they are talking about, and so now we can all die happy.
You think? Nah -- all this happy noise about all being well, doesn't it remind you of the noises out of the Pak camp, which suggests that Younis Khan, Inzy Haq and Shahid Afridi are bosom buddies who dance at one another's weddings? The fun's merely been postponed, I'd think, to September -- when the BCCI goes in for its next election.
(3) And oh yes, the BCCI will appeal the ban against Saurav Ganguly.


  • I thought BCCI had already appealed ??...should be banned for excessive appealing ;-)

    By Blogger worma, at 01:59  

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