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Monday, June 06, 2005

Saurav for skipper?

A question I've been asked repeatedly, ever since I started this blog, is what I thought of the Indian captaincy; specifically, whether Saurav should continue, or make way for a successor and if so, who.
I've do have some thoughts, but I wanted to throw it open to the floor, first.
GR Madhusudhan provided some fooder for thought with these two entries in his own blog, the first analysing Saurav's captaincy in Tests, the other doing the same for ODIs.
How about we let this topic simmer for a day or two -- and take it up Wednesday; in the interim, if any of you guys have done similar analytical exercises, do send me the links and I'll post them on here.
NB: The two links above are not offered as guides to my thinking on this; I had, frankly, made up my mind during the home series against Pakistan.


  • Two teams can show India what it needs to do from now on:

    1. England- a professional selector (Rodney Marsh) together with the coach has helped them pick wisely and rebuilt the team from the WC 2003.
    2. Pakistan’s coach has helped some experienced players capture good form and play a natural game (roles well defined).

    Michael Vaughan does not need to have any special talent spotting skills and can instead concentrate on the team at hand. The players at his command are still highly motivated but they are not subservient on the Captain for granting them the favours.

    Pakistan has gotten the best out of S Afridi and Y Khan amongst others. Even Youhanna regularly throws down the wicket.

    Neither worries about dropping non-performers or misfits. Both are looking for consistent selection policy. Ganguly in contrast believes in the “Team India”. Players entering “Team India” get to play Tests and ODI regardless of their suitability. There is little improvement amongst the young players like Kaif and Y Singh. If fact players like H Singh, Z Khan, Nehra, Laxman have fallen back to mediocrity.

    The New Indian model could be (using Dravid’s ideas): Each player must aim to contribute in each and every match. It is only by doing this can the team win regularly. I think G Chappell believes in the same- his word is “Excellence”.

    Ganguly can help the team from the outside but does not justify his place. In his words he backs the young players. Lets find some young players – like England is doing (Peterson, Strauss, Bell, Simon Jones, Harmisson etc).

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19:02  

  • Hmm Ganguly if he comes back as a batsman would still be only part of test team.Gnaguly as a batsman might sort out his problem against short ball,but it is still a non scoring method which is a problem.Also being a bad runner and bad fielder he further weakens the team.incidentally the captain does not need to be the best in the team,but has to be one who has maximum dedication.Dravid should ideally be the next one day captain,with sehwag and dhoni opening.Sehwag has to play through 50 overs and dhoni his slam wham style.At no 3 V V S Laxman.People might say that he has had his chances,but he never got a long run.His fielding is ok,not great but he still is a fab batsman.No 4 would be Kaif ,followed by Dravid and VenugopalRao/Rayudu/SureshRaina.No Yuvi coz he hasnt utlised even 20 percent of his talent.He needs to think abt his game.Next would be Sachin as finisher/bowler.He would need to bowl atleast 7 overs for 35 in thsi role.Next are the bolwers.Pick any form the fast bowling pool.Put then through a course of Yoga for flexibility.And ya no Anil Kumble.

    By Anonymous ASH, at 03:35  

  • Hi Prem,

    I am still waiting for your verdict on Saurav Ganguly, the skipper. You have not done your analysis or atleast not shared it with us. Please let us know.


    By Blogger madhugr, at 04:34  

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