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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Selective Sachin?

Brian Lara is, this story says, getting selective about his cricket -- and making a conscious effort to play less ODIs so he can extend his Test career.
I wonder -- is there a lesson, and an opportunity, here for Sachin? Does he, whenever he returns from his injury layoff, have to play every damn match going (for instance, an ODI series in Zimbabwe, say?). Or would he -- and more to the point, the Indian team -- be better served by using him predominantly for Tests?
The longer version of the game is, first, perfectly suited to his game as he is evolving it, with premium on accumulation rather than the foot-to-the-floor acceleration that characterised his play in the 90s.
Secondly, his being rested for no-account ODIs means the team can seed fresh young players into the side and give them time to grow. It all seems to make even more sense now that Sehwag is providing the acceleration, and MS Dhoni is looking good to add his two bits to Viru's orchestrated violence.
Is resting Sachin, and using him more selectively -- in the process extending his Test life -- quite as sacrilegious as it sounds? Somehow, I think the time has come...


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