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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Sense and sensibility...

...from Javagal Srinath, on the subject of pace bowlers. Of the many interesting comments, here highlighting a few:
On how top teams today prepare for upcoming encounters:
He (Aussie biomechanics expert Darryl Foster) revealed that the Australian team has taken shots of the last 23 dismissals of English batsmen and marked out their weak areas and the bowlers have been directed to keep that as the line of attack.

And on our use-and-throw policy of selection:
During my stint with the Indian team I worked with 26 fast bowlers. You cannot expect to build a pace team with that sort of impatience. Everywhere in the world we see that fast bowlers complement each other and help each other take wickets. In India, we have played with three spinners and one fast bowler for most of our history.

The larger debate on the need for a bowling coach, though, is something I am a touch ambivalent about. Firstly, as Sri himself says, much of coaching these days is about preparedness, homework, plotting the opposition's strengths and weaknesses -- and where in India do we have people with that sort of coaching skills on their resume? Sri, in fact, is perhaps the only one I can think of -- he is tech savvy; knows well the use of video analysis; has played a mentoring role to most of the Indian seamers doing duty today and works well with them.
The alternative would be to do what we did in Australia the last time we toured -- when playing crucial contests, or in unfamiliar conditions, or both, get a local with a good track record to coach the seam department, as Bruce Reid did so well Down Under.
This latter route, to my mind, works best. During Wright's time, he and the team's video tech did much the same thing Foster says the Aussies do -- and when that kind of in-depth analysis was added to Reid's local savvy, results really showed, with even tyros like Pathan knowing exactly where to land the ball, for each player.
One thing for sure -- the team does need some kind of specialized bowling coach(ing); the only debate really is of method; of whether a full-timer is preferable to a local man who changes with each tour.


  • Prem,

    My only problem with Sri would be -- how good was he in producing the away delivery? I can't quite think of Sri producing many of those. Could he then guide our young guys?

    Hey, I have an excellent suggestion -- why not make Wasim Akram the bowling coach of India? Young, intellligent, immensely talented, is aware of what's heppening in the world of cricket today, successful cricketer, has clashed with a lot of egos, knows how to handle politicking (since he's from the sub continent too). Wasim Akram would be an excellent complement to Greg Chappell.

    Your thoughts, anna?


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14:14  

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