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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Shame warning

The ACB caught on the horns of a dilemma here... (in passing, why "horns of a dilemma"? Where did this come from? Why do we instinctively reach for that phrase, without a clue what kind of animal 'dilemma' is, and whether its horns are straight and pointy or curved or what..?)
Shane Warne can't seem to keep his fly zipped and his cellphone turned off -- and Australian cricket could do without the resulting negative publicity (I hope like hell the stump microphones are working good, when the Ashes Tests begin -- would love to hear what the England players come up with on this).
Cricket Australia seems miffed; players association chief Tim May is clear this is a 'private matter' -- in other words, 'keep off'.
Warne himself has an interesting take on this -- if you read between the lines of his statement, the world is full of women waiting for the leggie to set foot in their country so's they can rush off to the nearest tabloid and go, hey, I slept with Warney, and guess what, it wasn't worth the while.
Meanwhile, the story of the Aussie team getting a pay rise is being invariably clubbed with the clause 'despite a bad start to the Ashes tour'. (SMH headlines the same story 'Good work boys, now here's a pay rise'; news24.com tags it 'Beaten Aussies win pay rise'.
A lesson in this for us, surely? Maybe teach us not to swing from one extreme -- deification -- to the other -- villification?
I mean, the moment we win a Test series, we are full of how India is poised to topple Aussies and become world number one; lose one, and the talk is all about how well paid the cricketers are, and how they earn millions in endorsements and don't care about the game, and so on.
The Aussies have spent what, 10 years at the top of the tree; they've put daylight between themselves and the rest of the cricketing world -- and yet, lose two games, and the impression created is they got more money 'despite losing'. Weird.


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